We have professional installers that can handle any siding , interior or exterior  door project you may have . We have offer you peace of mind hat the job will get done right, on time and on budget . We offer comprehensive selection of building construction services including :

Specialized delivery

Running products are distributed to the client locally within a time frame of 24 – 48 hours. These products are delivered either from the factory warehouse or our nearest distributing warehouse depending on the region. Custom built products with exclusive product specifications demanded by our clients take up to 72 hours for delivery, with our fleet of boom trucks.

Consultation and Technical support

Our service professionals are available whenever our clientele need them and are ready to help the customer find the best solution to any technical problem.

Export of Products

We offer a personalized export service, with the right combination of cost and transit time as a total solution to accommodate our International customer’s needs & requirements. Our Logistics department follows up directly with the customer from shipment from our local factory till delivery to agreed point.

Sampling and Product Demonstration

We understand the consumers’ needs to ensure that the product being delivered to them is of the highest quality and standard, hence we provide our consumers with samples, so they can see the finished results for their very own. If needed once our products are approved by site manager PolyWed sends its technical experts to demonstrate product application ensuring 100% efficiency in.

trial product demonstration for all our merchandise.

Custom Built product development

we pride ourselves with our diverse team of professional chemical engineers, each with different backgrounds of technical expertise hence PolyWed is able to custom engineer and implement particular product specifications demanded by our clientele and package them accordingly. By doing so we ensure that that our client’s needs and wants are being completely satisfied.