is a two component, acrylic polymer modified cementitious water proofing coating . POLYFLEX is composed of a cement modified Mortar with additives and a liquid component . Mixed together at site . The product is easy to apply and is used as an effective protective coating on wall and roofs ,against water bone salts(Chlorides & Sulphates),weather, chemicals atmospheric gases and carbonation .It is non shrink mortar.

It is suitable for the use in contact with potable water.


  • Renovate concrete surfaces.
  • Water proofing for drinking water and reservoirs.
  • For swimming pools.
  • Excellent for kitchens and bathrooms .
  • Sealing and coating bar holes to ensure water tightness.
  • To provide protection to concrete surfaces  from

Carbonation and Chloride attack.



-Can be used in contact with Potable water.

-Premixed components, just site mixing.

-Attractive finish to concrete.

-Excellent damp proofing qualities.

– Excellent bonding to Porous and non-porous surfaces.


Use a brush or a roller for application . Always damp the surface before coating. Apply the first coat of POLYFLEX with sufficient thickness to plug pores, cracks and holes. Apply 2nd. For high pressure area it is recommended to reinforce the first layer with a fibre mesh(F20).In case of water reservoirs allow cure for two days.

The substrate must be perfectly sound, clean and free from dust and friable matters. Damp the surface with clean water ,Metal surfaces should be wire brushed to remove moss, mildew loose paints and rust.

Mix the components A& B with slow speed drill so as to obtain a creamy coating( can add small amount of water to obtain the mixture ) which can be applied by a brush or add a little pure water to make the mix brush able.

  • Color: Blue &Grey
    Powder Density: 1.47 g/l
    Liquid Density: 1.04 g/l
    Mixed Density: 1.80 g/l
    Grain Size: 0-0.5mm
    Adhesion to concrete N/mm2(AC 1503R): 3.2
    Adhesion to steel N/mm2 : 2.00
    Coverage: 0.5-.75 kg/m2
    Thick coat: 1-1.5 kg/m2
    No. of coats recommended: 2coats
    Tensile strength(ASTMC-307): 170kg/cm2
    Resistance to tearing (ASTM D412): 160 kg/cm2
    Flexibility of1.5 film thick (ASTM D522): >50%


As with all the products POLYFLEX can be stored for around 12 months in original packaging and dry stored conditions, well undercover and clear above the ground.


POLYFLEX is packed in 17.5kg pail(12.5kg powder and 5 kg liquid).


13 m2 for the set(17.5 Kg)