is a fast cementitious mortar for rapid patching and plugging of water leaks in concrete structure


POLYPLUG is used for patching water leaks in concrete   structure   such   as;   tunnel   lining, sewage plants, basement, water tanks, founda- tions and concrete segments.


– Fast setting.

– Easy to use. Single component,  only needs addition of water.

– Excellent bond to concrete.

– Low exothermic, minimizing thermal cracks.

– Chloride free.

Setting time: Approx. 60 seconds @ 25˚C
Compressive strength: 16N/MM2 @ 24 hours

(BS 6319 pt2:1983)


– Set time will be extended at lower tempera- ture and reduced at higher temperature.

  • Surface preparation:

All  substrate  should  be  clean  and  free  lose material  and  contamination.  All  areas  to be patched  should  be  cut  back  to  a  minimum depth of 15mm. Leaking cracks should be chased out to a depth of 20mm.

  • Mixing:

Clean water should be added to a clean con- tainer. Add   powder  slowly  and  mix  using  a trowel  or  gloved  hand  until  a  stiff  mix  is obtained. Mixing ratio should be 1 part water to three parts powder.

Due to the rapid set nature of the product, mix only small amounts that can be used within the

setting time. In very cold conditions, the use of warm water (room temperature)  is advised to accelerator   strength   development.   Do   not apply when frost is expected within 12 hours of application. For hot temperature applications, the material should be stored in the shade and cooler water used.

Apply the product  to the leaking areas using trowel or gloved hand and hold until set. Apply at a minimum thickness of 15 mm. cover the leaking area and surrounding areas.


POLYPLUG shelf life is 12 months if stored in closed container at temperature  between 5˚C and 45˚C . If these conditions are exceeded in any respect.

POLYWED technical department should be contacted for advice.


– The minimum application thickness of POLY- PLUG is 15mm.

– When the needed quantity is mixed, it must be used and held in the needed position until the initial set is reached (1mm.at 25˚C)


POLYPLUG is available in 1 and 5kg drum, 10 and 20kg bags.


POLYWED ACRYLIC SEALANT is available in 20 kg pails.