E200 is an elastomeric coating Based on acrylic co-polymers. Applied as a liquid it cures to form a durable, protective, water-proof membrane. It is a single component emulsion containing inert pigments suitable for application by brush, spray or roller.

DECKSEAL E200 prevents chloride ion ingress. And exceeds all the requirements of a coating that resists carbonation.


DECKSEAL E200 is designed to protect atmospherically exposed, reinforced concrete structures(above any splash zones) from attack by carbonation , chloride ions ,oxygen and moisture ingress, especially where there is a danger of subsequent cracks appearing within the substrate. It is especially formulated for zinc structure. Typical uses include, but are not necessarily limited to ,the following:

  • Anti-carbonation coating for new and existing structures.
  • Concrete storage tanks external surfaces
  • Bridge structures.
  • Coastal environments Multi storey car parks.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Industrial buildings.


  • Elastomeric-capable of bridging cracks.
  • Easily applied by roller, brush or airless spray.
  • Provides barrier against salts and atmosphere gases.
  • Extremely durable-maintains elastomeric performance, with high recovery, even after long term UV weathering.
  • Relative density: 1.38at25°C
    Solids content by volume 62%
    Solids content by weight 73%
    Reduction in chloride ion


    Water vapour transmission 26gms/m²/24 hours
    #Chloride penetration after

    2000 hrs accelerated weathering

    No penetration
    Carbon dioxide diffusion R(m) value at 400
    After 2000 hrs accelerated


    Microns DFT greater

    Than 200m

    Water absorption <1%
    Application temperature


    Chemical resistance Resistant to spillage of

    gasoline, diesel, sewage, weak acids and alkalis

    Appearance after 2000 hrs

    Accelerated weathering

    No color change,

    cracking, chalking

    or blistering observe

  • in one or more coats ensuring a continuous even film. The finish may be textured if desired.-Surface preparation: roof waterproofingSurfaces to be treated should be clean and dust free .All traces of oil, grease, mould release agent and residual curing compounds should be removed together with any other contaminant that could impair adhesion. Previous water-proofing treatments should be either completely removed or put inorder. Cracked, broken, slipped or missing tiles, sheets, slates or other forms of covering must be replaced or refixed.

    SUPERSELARGP-770 as a primer,is required on all cement based and other porous substrates.It should be applied at approx.

    5m²/liter and permitted to dry before proceeding.



    DECKSEAL E200 can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray equipment. For airless spray application  dilute with 7%(1.4 liter/20 ltr unit)by volume of potable water.

    -Surface preparation:

    All concrete surfaces should be treated to achieve a sound, clean surface free from laitance, oil, grease, mould release agent, residual curing compound, dust or other contaminants that could impair adhesion.


    For concrete surfaces should be primed with SUPER SELARGP-770 applied at approximate rate of 5m²/liter, to eliminate excessive suction and promote adhesion(for zinc structure no need to apply SUPERSELARGP-770) applied. In temperatures >25°C, application should be made a minimum of three hours before applying the DECKSEAL  E200 coating .In cold, humid conditions 24 hours is required to ensure full solvent release. Coating the concrete at an early stage, prevents penetration of deleterious salts.

    -Filler/scrape coat:

    Surface depressions, blow holes, aggregate pop outs etc., may be rectified with DECKSEALE 200 mixed with DECKSEAL E200 Filler added at 0.5-1kg/liter. The filler addition rate being dependent on surface and ambient conditions. The mixed filler is tightly scraped on to the surface to be over coated, paying particular attention to ensure blemishes are filled. Deeper aggregate pop-outs may require filling in two layers or with as lightly stiffer mix.The treated surface should be left to cure until the deepest depressions are dry to the touch before over coating.

  • DECKSEAL E200 is applied to the prepared surface in two coats, the first being allowed to dry,before these cond is applied.In hot dry climates, application will be assisted by dampening brushes. Where the roof is in poor condition,or where substantial movement is expected in the roof structure, apply as and wich system incorporating reinforcing fabric.In this application, the fabric is bedded into the wet film of the first coat of DECKSEAL E200 using a charged brush. Ensure that full contact is achieved and there is no air entrapped. Apply a second coat of DECKSEAL E200 when the first has dried,at right angles to the first.


When stored in cool, dry conditions, a way from sources of heat and naked flames ,in the original, un opened packs, all products have a shelf life of 12 months. If stored at high temperatures and/or high humidity conditions the shelf life may be reduced. DECKSEAL  E200 should be protected from frost.


DECKSEAL E200 is supplied in 20 Kg pails.


Approximately 21 m²/20 Kg



Has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in proper condition san dun-opened packs.