Water Proofing systems

No matter where you find the impact of moisture whether it’s the basement all the way to the roof. Our products solutions are used in residential, industrial buildings, commercial centers, structural or civil engineering –PolyWed offers a seamless waterproofing solution to avert the infiltration of water in any form. Our broad portfolio guarantees long-lasting results across all application areas

Poly RoofCoat

is a semifluid acrylic with polymer resins. Once  applied in a thick coat, it provides  a flexible waterproof membrane for pitched roofs and facades allowing the product to follow  the expansion and tension cycles of the substrates.


A two component, acrylic polymer modified cementitious water proofing coating .

Poly Decksealant

An elastomeric coating Based on acrylic co-polymers. Applied as a liquid it cures to form a durable

Poly Acrylic Sealant

A general purpose, flexible sealant that is used for caulking, grouting, jointing and embedding in building construction

Poly Buitmen

A black/brown emulsified bitumen liquid, acting as protective coating and vapor barrier for concrete and masonry.

Poly Plug

A fast cementitious  mortar  for rapid patching and plugging of water leaks in concrete structure.