TILE ADHESIVE SUPER GP 770 is a general purpose tile adhesive that can be applied in  high thicknesses for irregular surfaces.


  • For permanent fixing of all types of ceramic tiles.
  • Can be used internally and externally.


  • Suitable for all types of ceramic .
  • Ready for use, just requires the addition of water.
  • High bond strength.
  • Suitable for internal and external application.
Color: white
Mix density: 1.8±0.1
Open time:

3mm thickness @ 25˚C


6 -10 min

Comp. Strength > 10 KN
Max. application



60 C

Tensile adhesion strength :

(EN 1348:1999)



  •  Substrate preparation

All surfaces must be clean and free from oil, Grease or loose materials.

Substrate should be dimensionally  stable. Allow time for shrinkage and structural strain movements.

  • Priming

TILE ADHESIVE SUPER GP 770 can be applied  directly on concrete, cement plaster, screed and cement or line mortar.

  • Mixing

Spread to a uniform thickness of up to 5 mm. Place tiles firmly over the applied area.

Do not apply large areas of adhesives that can not be covered within the open wet time of the adhesive.

  • Joints

Tiles should not be placed over expansion or contraction joints. Stop tiles on joint edges and fill joints with flexible sealant.


All tools should be cleaned immediately after finishing with water.Hardened materials should be cleaned mechanically.


Shelf life is 12 months if stored at temperatures between 2˚ Cand 50˚C.

If  these conditions areexceeded in any

respect, technical department should be contacted for advice.


available in 20 kg bags.