ROCKCOAT is a cement based ready mixed plaster on which decorative and colored  aggregates  are  sprayed.  It has altogether the properties of a decorative and waterproof coating.


  • For interior and exterior walls.
  • Admissible   substrate:   block   masonry, concrete cement based plaster. Associated   aggregate:   marble,   brick, silicate aggregate.
  • For color and size POLYWED may propose different type: black, white, red, beige  &  other  colors  from  0.5mm  to 10mm.
  • For other aspects and samples please contact our technical department.


ROCKCOAT is a cement based colored powder, which contains specific admix- ture, pigments and selected sand.

Density powder: 1.36

Grain size: 0 to 1mm.


For the plaster,  around  1.8 m2/20 Kg bag per 1/2 mm thickness, for the aggregates, it depends on the size and the aspect required.

  •  Substrate preparation:Substrate must be sound, clean and dust free  and  free  from  all  traces   of  oil, gypsum, paint or laitance. Few hours before moisten the surface, dampen the slabs one day before too, without making puddles.
  • Preparation of the product:Mix a 20kg bag with 8 liter of water use an electric slow speed mixer for 2 or 3 minutes until an homogenous creamy paste is obtained.
  • Application of the product:Apply the mix on the wall like a usual plas- ter with a thickness around 5 mm smooth it and then project the aggregates by using a spray gun or by a trowel. The projection may be done in one or two ways.Setting time depends on the temperature and humidity.Do not apply in strongly ventilated area or in hot weather.Avoid bright sunshine and temperature higher than 50C.We recommended the creation of joint every 15 m2.

    Order all your aggregates once in order to obtain the same aspect and color all over your project.


ROCKCOAT is packed in 20 kg bags. It can be stored for around  12 months  in original packaging and dry stored condi- tions.