is ready to use mortar, mainly consists of sand (reconstituted grain size range) cement, Fiber sand special cement  additives that provide special properties :non-shrinking, thixotropic, high strength, high adhesion, compactness : it’s very closed grain size slows down carbonation.


Application standards: ASTMC67

Non-shrinking Non-sweating

High strength

Normal setting and fast hardening sufficient strength after one day. High final strength, good resistance to sea water and to high sulfate  water Thixotropic; It can therefore be applied thickly, in concrete repair,

Can Be Applied:

  • With a trowel
  • By dry spraying.
  • By wet spraying.
  • By pumping.
Appearance Grey Powder Powder
Density 1.28
Activeing redients hydraulic binders,synthetic fibers, without any chlorides or  metal particles
Grain size 0 to 2.5mm
Mixing water 8 litres per 20 kg bag
Yield 20 kg Powder Cover 2.5 m2
Mortar density 2.2
PH 12
Thickness 5 to 50 mm in one coat
Compressive Strength >40N/mm2 at 28 days.
Flexural Strength >7N/mm2 at 28 days
Adhesion 0.8N/mm2 at 28 days

Preparing Mortar: Make a liquid mixture or mortar by mixing POLYWED 700 with clean water. The amount   of water to be used, depends on the desired fluidity or workability, to make a slurry mix with a power drill mixer with a high speed of rotation to make a mortar, mix the product with a concrete mixture or in trough, with a trowel, mixing must be continued for at least 3 minutes until a homogeneous paste is obtained, POLYWED 70O must be  used within one hour from mixing and extra amount of water is forbidden.

Remove damaged concrete and laitance by scabbing  with   a pick,  cold  chiseling,  or running a concrete plane to get a sound, rough surface.The area must be surround by clean edges. Do not feather edges, the surface must also be free from any trace of grease or oil. Brush or scrape corroded  steel with a metal brush, or sand it to remove all rust particles. If possible, remove concrete from back of reinforc- ing rods to be able to coat them. Remove dust from all surfaces to be fixed brush. Saturate   the surface with water by copiously spraying just before application and if possible   6  hours before application as well.


POLYWED R700 is available in 20 kg packs.