is a cementitious, pre-mixed, pre-packed  chloride  and   hydrogen  free,  high  flow, pourable grout. It contains cement, selected additives, well graded and non-reactive aggregates and is designed to give excellent  flow properties, shrinkage compensation, frost resistance, and high compressive strength.


POLY Grout HF is ideally designed for use in the followIng application:

  • Machine beds.
  • Bridge bearing pads and plinths.
  • Pile cap reprofiling.
  • Under machinery base plates, crane rails, stanchion plates etc.
  • Anchoring of tie bars ,bolts ,and stressing cables.
  • Under pinning.


  • Non-shrink grout that has dual expansion properties to compensate  for  shrinkage  in   both  the  plastic  and hardened stage.
  • Extremely dense and low permeability.
  • High early strength development allowing for rapid installation.
  • High flow can be poured or pumped into variable installation.
  • Easy to apply, single component which require only addition of water.

Typical properties@ 3.5 liter/25 kg and a temperature of 25˚C.

Compressive strength:

To BS1881;part116*



Color Grey
Setting time to BS4550: Initial@25˚C



Approx5-6hours. Approx7-8hours.

Expansion characteristics:

To ASTMC827-87



Flow characteristics




  • POLY Grout  HF complies with Scorps of engineers specifications  CRD-C621-82A  and ASTM   C1107-91, TYPEC.Thicknesses and size limitations:POLY Grout HF can be applied in a single layer at thicknesses between 10-100mm. For greater thicknesses, an 8-12 mm washed aggregate  should be added at a ratio of 15 kg of washed aggregate to 25 kg of POLY Grout HF.
  • Substrate preparation:
  • The substrate should be sound,  clean and free from contamination.  Surface laitance should be removed by acid etching.
  • All surfaces should presoaked with clean water for Minimum of 4 hours prior to grouting.


-Underbase plate:

Enough material should available to achieve a continuous fill and to complete the work. Pouring of the mixed grout should be started from one side only to distance, a side shutter feed between 100 mm to 250 mm high should be erected and used to build the required head.


As the mixed grout posses high fluidity characteristics, all form work and shutters should be water tight. This can be obtained by using an appropriate mastic.

The unrestrained areas should be kept to a minimum due to the expansive nature of POLY Grout HF.



Since POLY Grout HF is a cementitious material, it should be treated in a manner similar to concrete. Curing can be conducted by either using concrete curing compound.



All tools should be cleaned immediately after  finishing with water. Hardened materials can be cleaned mechanically.


POLY Grout HF shelf life is 12 months if stored at temper ature between 2˚C and 50˚C.If these conditions are exceeded,  POLYWED technical department should be contacted for advice.


POLY Grout HF is available in 25kg bags.