Oil base paint glossy high-quality external and internal applications, has very good properties in the stability of gloss and gives smooth surface appearance and excellent properties in coverage and characteristics, very good at resisting hard weather conditions. conformity with the standards and specifications Arabia 2002/470

Basic uses

Final Coat in external and internal applications used on concrete surfaces ,gypsum and wood. As well as the steel surfaces .

Density 1.1 at a temperature ° 25 m. .ASTM D-1475+
Viscosity 90 Unit Corps at a temperature ° 25 m. .ASTM D-562
Solid content 46% by volume .ASTM D-5201
Coverage rate 10 m ² / Kg, at a dry layer thickness of 30 microns.
Scratch  resistance Passing.ASTM D-5178
Water resistance Passing ASTM D-870
Adhesion strength pass, .ASTM D-3359
Dryness time Surface dry 3hours.

16 hours to complete dryness.

Diluted Thinner .

Application Instructions:

– Preparing the surface using sandpaper until it has remove the granules and all traces of oil, grease, dust and dirt completely from the surface.

– Clean the surface of the sanding dust by a broad soft brush or compressed air.

– A single layer of the base coating and leave it to dry ..

Application tools:


Brush: Basic.


Pail 18 kg& 1 Gal.

Validity of the product storage:

Almost 12 months in a closed container – suitable cool, dry and ventilated place.

Special Instructions

– You must paint mixing well until it becomes homogeneous before use.

– Dilution appropriate quantity using a Thinner to get the proper viscosity.

– Do not paint over wet surfaces only after fully dry drier.

– Not apply the next layer coating unless the previous layer to dry completely.

– Desired temperature 25-30 ° C, at least.

– Surface must be free of moisture and not less than 8% and moisture content of not more than 70%.