is a high build, hard wearing, two component, Solvent free, gloss coating to concrete floors.


  • High chemical land mechanical resistance.
  • Available in a wide range of attractive colors.
  • Easy application.
  • High build.


POLYWED EPOXY 770 is a used as protective, decorative, high

chemical resistance & hardwearing floor coating system for a wide

range of application including:

  • Air craft hangars.
  • Car parks.
  • Soft drink and beverage production areas.
  • Diaries production areas.
  • Show rooms.
  • Production, maintenance and assembly areas.
  • Ware houses.
  • General food processing & manufacturing plants.


Compressive strength: 70N/mm2 @ 25˚C
Flexural strength: 40N/mm2 @ 25˚C
Tensile strength: 20N/mm2 @ 25˚C
Bondstrength: 2.0N/mm2
Solid content: 100%
Pot life: 40minutes @25˚C
20minutes @35˚C
Min ,time between 12hours@20˚C
Coats: 6hours  @35˚C
Max, time between 36hours@20˚C
Coats: 18hours@35˚C
Full curing time: 7days @20˚C
5days @35˚C

Fully cured POLYWED EPOXY 770 has been tested for a wide range of chemicals. Tests were carried out in accordance to ASTMD 543 standard of 7 days at 25˚C.


Below is a list of some of the chemicals tested.


HydrochloricAcid36% Resistant
NitricAcid10% Resistant
PhosphoricAcid20% Resistant
SulphuricAcid25% Resistant
LacticAcid10% Resistant
CitricAcid25% Resistant
SodiumHydroxide50% Resistant
SodiumChloride(sat). Resistant
Petrol Resistant
Brakefluid Resistant
Oil Resistant
Skydrol Resistant
Kerosene Resistant
Diesel Resistant
  •  Substrate preparation:

The substrate must be clean,dry,even,dense and free from oil, grease, dust and other contaminants .A clean surface will ensure maximum adhesion between the substrate and the coating. Concrete floors must have a minimum compressive strength of

25 N/mm2 and a maximum concrete relative humidity of 80% (max a maximum concreteof4%),relative humidity can be measured using a hygrometer . Concrete relative humidity should be less than 80% for concrete 28 days old or more.

  • Surface preparation:

Unsound layers and contaminated concrete surfaces must be prepared using mechanical surface removing equipment. Acid

Etching can be used only in well ventilated areas. Areas deeply contaminated by oil or grease, such areas should be treated by hot compressed air.

  • Priming:

POLYWED EPOXY 770 exhibits excellent wear, abrasion and chemical resistance and is suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. It can be used to provide a surface coating with a high gloss hygienic finish or a slip resistant coating system.


POLYWED EPOXY 770 provides impermeable protection against common oils, greases, lubricants, aviation fuels and hydraulic oils. As in all corrosive situations, a full analysis of operating and exposure conditions is required, followed by reference to chemical resistance data to ensure product suitability.

  • Mixing:

Add the entire contents of the reactor container into the base container and mix the two components for 2 minutes using a slow speed drill fitted with a special mixing head until all striations have disappeared and a uniform color is obtained.

  • Coating:

Use brush or lambs wool roller, or airless spry machine to apply the mixed POLYWED EPOXY 770 on to the prepared surfaces. Apply 2 coats of POLYWED EPOXY 770 at 2 m2/kg per each coat, second coat should be applied at a right angle to the first coat. The second coat may be applied as soon as the first coat has initially dried. Drying time depend on the substrate and the ambient conditions. If the over coating time is exceeded the fi rst coat must be abraded with sand paper prior to the application of the second coat.


Adequate ventilation must be provided to ensure that necessary drying and curing of the material is achieved.

  • Anti-slip Application:

The base coat should be applied at a minimum film thickness of 250 micron and then fully blinded with the chosen anti-slip aggregate. Once the base coat has reached initial cure, all excess aggregate should be removed before a further application of POLYWED EPOXY 770 top coat.

The top coat should be applied at minimum film thickness of 400 micron to750 micron depending on anti-slip aggregate size used.


POLYWED EPOXY 770 should not be applied at temperature below 50 C or where ambient relative humidity exceeds 85%. POLYWED EPOXY 770 should not be applied onto surfaces know

to suffer from rising damp. In case of spry application, airless spry machines should be used.


POLYWED EPOXY 770 is available in 5 kg and 15 kg Pails.



5 Kg pack of POLYWED EPOXY 770 covers 15 m² @ a dft of 200 microns(two coats required).

-Slip-resistant finish :

5 Kg pack of POLYWED EPOXY 770 covers10 m² at a dft of 300 microns(2 coats required).


Store in a dry area out of direct sun light between 5˚C and 45˚C.


POLYWED EPOXY 770 has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in proper conditions and un-opened packs.