is a two-component; solvent-free, clear epoxy primer specially formulated

Epoxy Primer is designed to be applied over

porous surface to seal it and to act as a bonding bridge between it and the following coating system or mortar.

Epoxy Primer is used for substrates which are prepared to receive flooring coating or sealants.

It obtains high durability for any system it becomes a part of,

while in some cases it is considered mandatory like in epoxy screeds when it acts as bonding agent.


  • Provides excellent bonding to concrete and
  • Provides high durability for
  • Provides excellent
  • Safe when used in closed spaces, as it is
  • Obtains high mechanical characteristics for all flooringsystems.


  • As a primer for porous and semi-porous concrete and steelsubstrates.
  • For both Epoxy and PU

Appearance                                           ClearLiquid

Solidcontent,%                                      100

Density (ASTM D1475) kg/ltr@25oC   1.05±0.05

Pot life (ASTM D2471)min@25oC        60±10

Touch dry (ASTMD2471)hrs@25oC       8±15 min

Min overcoating hrs@25oC                    12±30 min

Coverage m2/kg@125mic                      >5 Adhesion to

concrete (ASTMD4541)N/mm2             >2.5

Surface preparation

Epoxy Primer is applied on sound, clean, and dry substrates in order to achieve maximum adhesion between Epoxy Primer and substrate.

New concrete floors should be at least 28 days age. Laitance, oil and grease could be removed by either  using  Poly  Cleaner, sand blasting or by steam cleaning.

All steel substrates should be free from dirt, oil and grease and blast-cleaned to Sa 2½ according to EN ISO 12944, part 4.


Stir the base only separately, then the entire contents of the smaller can (hardener) could be poured into the base container and the material should be mixed for at least one minute by mechanical mixer using a slow or medium speed.


Apply Epoxy Primer by brush or roller, ensuring that the substrate is completely covered. In the case of very porous concrete substrates, further coats of primer may be required.

It’s recommended to finish all concrete repairs in prior to apply Epoxy Primer like crack filling or bores smoothing, but all surfaces should be dry as

well i.e. it’s preferable to use epoxy repair pastes for repair to save time.

Epoxy Primer could be used as well as an anti

slip base coat by broadcasting 1,2 or 3 as per the desired roughness degree, then other flooring top coat could be used  for the other layers. In some applications like epoxy screeds, primer should be tacky during screed application, but for all other coating systems, it should be dry before any overcoat is achieved.

The advised waiting time for Epoxy Primer is 24

hours, while in hot climates (over 35oC), over coating time might drop down to less than 8 hours

Precautions Health and Safety

All safety stuff should be worn during application like safety goggles and rubber gloves, to avoid any harmful accidents.

If Epoxy Primer is splashed accidentally tothe

skin, it must be washed off with water and soap at once.

If it was splashed to the eyes or nose, they must be rinsed with plenty amount of clean warm water and seek medical attentionimmediately.

Technical Support

POLYWED provides on-site assistance, as well as consulting services on projects when requested. Technical data sheets on other POLYWED products and guidance on their use are available on request.