Is a ready putty based   for plaster, brick, stone, wood etc., before painting or other finishes. Provides a smooth finish.


  • Ideal filler for leveling up of walls before tile laying.
  • Skimming expanded polystyrene and asbestos for easy painting..
  • For filling small cracks in wood work.Defective paint work and pages between floor boards.
  • For fixing plaster board panels.


Density:                                              1700kg/m³

Compressive strength at 28 days     27 N / mm²

Aspect Yellowish or white Slurry
Composition Special Polymers
Mixed wet density 2.0g/cm3
Coverage kg/m2 2




  • Surface preparation:

Surface must be dry. Remove dust and loose material prior to filling. Damp wood should be allowed to dry and decayed wood should be removed. Scratch smooth surface to give a good key.

For filling wood grains make a thin paste with more water which can be applied with a brush. POLYWED READY PUTTY has a working time of 3–4 hours. It sets completely 2 hours after application.


POLYWED READY PUTTY is available in 20 kg & 3.5 Kg.


All materials should be stored undercover and clear   of       the   ground.    Protect from  all    sources   of moisture  and frost. Rotate   stock    in  order not  to exceed   the shelf life  of  12 months. Wind    and    direct sunlight must be avoided.