is a single component styrene butadiene rubber latex. It is designed to improve  the physical  properties  of cement mixes and slurries.


Effectively increases the bonding/ adhesion of cement mixes.

Excellent water proof additives which helps produce water-proof renders, screed and toppings.

Effective plasticizer, giving improved workability and cohesion.

Improved  mechanical  and physical properties by increasing tensile, flexural and adhesive strengths.

Reduces shrinkage and cracking in repair and screening mixes.

Good freeze / thaw resistance. Chloride free.


POLYBOND SBR is ideally designed for use in the following applications:

Bonding of new to old concrete when used as a slurry coat.

To produce polymer modified screeds and floor topping.

Bonding of thin polymer modified screeds and or toppings to old substrate.

To provide a mechanically key prior to rendering of various plaster mixes on concrete, brick and block surfaces.

To  produce  a  repair  mortar  for  patching  of honey cubed concrete, internally and externally.

To produce water-proof renders.

Specific gravity @25˚C: Around 1
Color: Milky White liquid
Solid Content 20-25 %
PH 9
Solubility Soluble in water
Chloride content Nil
  • Substrate preparation:The substrate should be sound, clean and free from contamination. Surface laitance should be removed by acid etching.For  patch  repair,  cut  back  the  edges  of  the repair areas to a minimum of 10mm depth to avoid thin repair thicknesses.All  substrate  should  be  damped  with  water prior to commencing the repair.

    Exposed steel reinforcement should be grit blasted or wired brushed to a bright finish and protected with epoxy poly zincritch.

  •  Mixing:Bonding agent:The recommended mix to produce slurry consistency can be achieved by mixing, by volume, 2 POLYBOND SBR: 3 OPC cement. Use a stiff brush to apply a thick coat to damp surfaces. Application of the subsequent application, roughen the dry coat before applying a further coat.


All tools should be cleaned immediately  after finishing  with water. Hardened  materials  may be cleaned mechanically.


POLYBOND  SBR  shelf  life  is  12  months  if

stored at temperature between 5˚C and 50˚C.

If these conditions  are exceeded,  POLYWED technical department  should be contacted  for advice.


POLYBOND SBR is available in 4 litre , 20 litre and 1000 Lit. drums.