is a single component PVA based, white viscous liquid specially formulated for use as a multi-purpose adhesive and a bonding agent for cement mixes and as an admixture for mortars.


Single component, easy to use. High  bond  strength  provides  excellent  adhesion when used as bonding agent for cement based mixes. No chloride admixtures. Improves renders and mortars durability. Color go to clear when dries. Concentrated which make it economical.


POLY BOND PVA is ideally designed for use as multi-purpose adhesive in cement base mixes and as primer and integral bonding agent for concrete. Ideal for priming surfaces prior to plastering or painting. Use as an admixture in cement/sand and granolithic screeds.

Appearance: White viscous liquid
PH: 4-5
Specificgravity @ 25˚C : 1.0-1.05
Stability: Stable in alkaline


Compatibility: Compatible with all types of Portland cement
  • Substrate preparation: Where POLY BOND PVA should be used ,the substrate should be sound, clean and free contamination. Surface laitance should be removed by light scrabbling or grit blasting.
  • Application: General purpose bonding agent Strong adhesive form any substrates such as bricks, carpets, stone, tiles and wood may types. Apply a thin film of POLY BOND PVA over the prepared sides to be adhered together, allow coming thick and tacky, then press parts to each other and allow curing for approximately one day.
  • Cement screeds and plasters bondingagent: Porous surfaces should be sealed using diluted POLY BOND PVA (1 part POLY BOND PVA to 4 parts water) which should be brushed vigorously into the prepared surfaces making sure to fill all pores and voids and allow it to get dry .Apply Diluted POLY- BOND PVA(1 part POLY BOND PVA to 1 part water) to the sealed surface using a brush. Make sure to apply the plaster or repair mortar whilst the applied coating is still tacky.
  • Sealer coat and dust proofing: Diluted POLY BOND PVA(1part POLY BOND PVA to 4 parts water) should be applied by brush over the target surface and allowed to dry. Note: for porous surfaces other coat should be applied to assure appropriate seal.
  • Admixture in cement/ sand screeds: Use it as an admixture in cement/ sand screeds in both light traffic and heavy traffic areas. Supposed mixes is as the following:
Cement 100 100
Sand 300 100
Granite(4-6mm) 200

Prime the prepared surface with diluted POLY BOND PVA(1 part POLYBOND PVA to 4 parts water).

The dry components should be mixed together.

Add water to the mix to achieve a semi dry mix and then add the POLY BOND PVA and mix, more water could be added to achieve the required workability. Lay the mix on the tacky primed surface, tamp it and smooth it using trowels.


Bonding agent: 16m2 when diluted 1 to 1

Sealer coat: 25m2 when diluted 1 to 4

Admixture: 20-25 L/100Kg Cement depending on use.


All tools should be cleaned immediately after finish- ing with water. Hardened materials may be cleaned mechanically.


POLY BOND PVA shelf life is12 months if stored at temperature between 5˚C and 50˚C. If these conditions are exceeded, POLYWED techni- cal department should be contacted for advice.


POLY BOND PVA is available in 20 Kg and 200Kg drums.