PolyWed and it’s history

The progressive center company is a chemical construction factory established in 1998 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and is a subsidiary of the Marbaie Holding company. Currently operated by a French-Canadian administration with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry in Ottawa CA and Montreal CA.

Product Portfolio

PolyWed, is a leading manufacturer of construction materials in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our company portfolio provides chemical solutions for the construction industry consisting of:

• Concrete Admixtures and Chemical Solutions
• Repair Mortar Admixtures
• Water Proofing systems
• Bonding Agents
• Tile Adhesives
• Grouts
• Epoxy
• Paints
• Putty

Our uniform terminology that are in direct relation to PolyWeds brand solutions, presents our product portfolio in a clear and easy-to-read manner. Every Product name stands for a field of application, a function or a performance.

Operating Sector

The construction sector is growing at a very rapid rate in the GCC. With the massive infrastructurel development and projects being laid down all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries, Polyweds has nurtured the local markets needs for chemical construction materials and has been serving industrial customers in the building manufacturing segment for over 20 years with our products that have proved themselves resliant under the most stringent conditions.

Moreover we have expanded our projects in the last 15 years to supply the MENA region. Polywed currently operates and distributes its products all of over Saudi Arabia in addition to our partners in the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.


Production Department

All our products are manufactured in our own factory based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in accordance with the specified Saudi legislations put down by the Saudi Ministry of Trade and Investment. All our products follow The Saudi Standards, for Metrology and Quality Organization. In addition to the German Wacker chemical production standards.

Running products are distributed to the client Localy within a time frame of 24 – 48 hours. These products are delivered either from the factory warehouse or our nearest distributing warehouse depending on the region. Custom built products with exclusive product specifications demanded by our clients take up to 72 hours for delivery. For more information about international distribution please contact us – Insert contact us link

In the PolyWed production department we pride ourselves with our diverse team of professional chemical engineers, each with different backgrounds of technical expertise, and unmatched research infrastructure able to generate and maintain high-quality products. By doing so we ensure that that our client’s needs and wants are being satisfied.


Quality management

PolyWed strict Quality management department has allowed us to become leaders in the Saudi construction industry, and the local brand of choice for installers and distributors. Hence, our permanent efforts to achieve market-shaping innovations, and retain our most important tradition: uncompromising quality. This is something we guarantee by applying the latest rigidly enforced quality assurance procedures, making it no coincidence that PolyWed is regarded as a premium partner of the construction industry. Several factors have contributed to our founding success and we take pride as a factory in our unwavering commitment to R&D and our Prestigious Aquirance of ISO 9001:2000 certificate from BVQ


Cost Effective Solutions

Cost-effective system solutions for the trade as a longstanding partner to the trade, we know the practical requirements first hand. Our vast experience of materials and working methods, coupled with constant dialogue with our customers in the skilled trades, are our most important source of inspiration. We draw on this to develop product systems that command respect in the marketplace by meeting professionals needs.Our systems are optimally matched and extremely cost-effective thanks to their ease of use and high coverage.

As a longstanding business in this industry, we know the practical requirements first hand. Our vast experience of chemicals, materials, logistics, and working methods, coupled with constant dialogue with our customers in the skilled trades, are our most important source of vision. We draw on this to develop product systems that command respect in the marketplace by meeting professionals needs. Our systems are optimally matched and extremely cost-effective thanks to their ease of use and high coverage


Our Philosophy

Polywed relies on its philosophy that success is the Sum of individual contribution from every member of the staff and the interactions of all our departments resulting in an efficient, competitive and personalized service which has allowed us to achieve constant innovation and higher standards.
Corporate Culture

PolyWed believes that all employees and partners should operate within a spirit of fairness, transparency and responsible business practices at all times. Our employees are the foundation on which we build our business.

Marbaie Holding – ASAMACO Group

We are Part of the Marbaie Holding Company – ASAMACO. Founded in 1985 the Marbaie holding, owns and operates its own mines across the MENA region and offers construction and contract-mining solutions with over 30 years’ experience in both hard and soft rock environment.

The company currently works on a number of projects throughout Saudi Arabia and has mined a range of commodities for a variety of reputable clients. They employ the latest technology available from around the globe to provide world-class mining solutions. The company owns and operates its fleet of heavy equipment’s and trucks to meet the customer requirements. The ASAMACO processing plants have been sourced from Germany employing the latest technology in mineral processing.


Their experience spans 5 decades, and the business relations developed over the same period, enable them to identify the best mining equipment’s/ fleet and shorten the delivery period for the same. This reduces the lead time from planning to production, thereby benefitting our customers / partners.


ASAMACO is a one-stop shop for all your mining and construction requirements. Their ability to enhance their synergies with the other group companies like Polywed has helped them provide comprehensive solutions, which includes extraction, beneficiation, procurement and logistics. Making ASAMACO a valuable and reliable partner to mine owners.



We at PolyWed believe in consistency as construction is very intricate and requires specific products that should be implemented once and done right. Hence all our products offer consistent quality due to our technical expertise long-time experience gained in the course of our history. The partnership with craftsmen and specialized trade are the basis for our successful business. Our focal aim is to be the trusted, capable building partners for the professional craftsmen and builder. Focusing on our key values; Quality, Technical expertise, and Sustainability we do our utter best to provide our clients with a stable stream of innovative, high quality and best-suited system solutions.



The fundamental basis for PolyWed is rigorous quality control in development and production, and constant method optimization. Through that ideology Polywed has meet the demands of the construction industry by setting the highest standards.

Since PolyWed gathers all of its core competencies under one umbrella, our system outcome always promises top performance. For clienteles building or repair projects this means assurance, durability, and optimal value retention of the building. That’s why Polywed is so often the preferred choice for professional craftsmen.


Technical Expertise

PolyWeds widespread research and development gives birth to a flow of innovative systems and solutions based on new technologies. In order to supply the customer with superior quality in the most formidable way, devoted project management team’s deliver support from the design phase all the way to the final execution on the project site. In addition to our knowledge of PolyWeds own products and its solutions play a major role in corporate success on site, our technical staff offer courses for the transfer of knowledge in our headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We pride ourselves with our capital of know-how, and we believe that knowledge should be passed down to the builder’s as well to strengthen their own technical application expertise.



In line with HRM Pirnce Mohammad Bin Salman’s Vision 2030, PolyWed aims to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development while continuing to shape the business responsibly and increase economic success. This ambition encompasses all of our company’s activities  along the entire value chain, and is the basis upon which we developed our sustainability strategy for 2030.

We have built our reputation on the creed, “Let the Buyer Have Faith” by acting with integrity and delivering products of the utmost quality. We fortify that faith by embracing a culture of social and environmental responsibility and transparency, taking significant steps in all that we do to reduce the footprint of our products and manufacturing processes, and develop innovative products that help to advance the quality of built environments. Hence Commitment to leadership in sustainability is one of our core corporate values.

We want to achieve more with less and triple our efficiency in the next 20 years. In view of the increasing demand on limited natural resources, we must continue to improve. In moving ahead, we will focus on involving our employees even more deeply in our sustainability activities, intensifying our collaboration with our partners along the value chain, and further improving our evaluation, steering and communication tools.


As of 25th March of 2017, PolyWed has implemented a corporate social responsibility strategy fully dedicated in supplying; construction products, solutions, and safety equipment through our main distributors in Amman, Jordan across the Syrian border. These Products are to be delivered to small cities and villages that are now being rebuilt by the Syrian locals.

“Construction brings unity” a philosophy we share at PolyWed. Effective reconstruction should be considered central to the eventual re-establishment of social, political, and economic order in todays war-ravaged and divided Syria. We believe that construction is not only a prerequisite, but an effective tool for sustainable peace to take hold.

We believe that waiting until the country is fully at peace is both unnecessary, unwise, and unethical on our part. Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to be the first construction company in Saudi Arabia to offer whatever aid we can muster to our brothers and sisters in Syria. Although we are constantly in a state of battle to grant passage of our products into the country due to political instability and bureaucracy on the Jordanian-Syrian border, we won’t stop helping them.

If our Products and solutions can aid in putting a roof on a Syrian family’s head, then it is worth the fight.

For more information on PolyWeds initiatives in rebuilding Syria please do not hesitate to contact us